Friday, August 7, 2009

Sherman Alexie Keynote Continued...

Alexie speaks passionately about those special librarians that hand you those special books, "a book about something beyond on themselves and they still identify with it. That's when the world changes."

"Our books will change lives in a way an adult book can not."

Now speaking about a letter Alexie received. It started, "I've lived in 29 foster homes..." And it goes on to detail the pain and trials of his life. Then there's that sentence "...and then I read your book." Later Alexie meets this kids (now an adult) who tells him that he loved Alexie's book, then read the other books written by Indian writers. He said he then thought he should go back and get his GED. He then told Alexie he now runs the GED program. WOW!

"It happens."
"Accept the are going to save at least one person. What more
could you ask for!"


Lin Oliver: "I love you, Sherman Alexie!"