Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marla Frazee: How Your Words Inspire Me to Draw Pictures--and How They Don't

Marla is showing the last few page turns of The Carrot Seed. She wants her talk to focus on how to make the chemistry between words and pictures happen.

Marla is showing some great example of the chemistry.

Here first editor with Linda Zuckerman after taking 12 years to break into the field. After her first book, it took her five years to get another one. Then she got the manuscript for her book The Seven Silly Eaters.

She's taking us through her process of working on Silly Eaters. For example, she added a father to the illustrations, thought there was no father mentioned in the text, but made him smaller than the mother in the story since she was more important.

We're seeing early sketches and final art. (I love that!)


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