Sunday, August 9, 2009

Color Commentary on Elizabeth Law's Keynote!

Hello! I'm Lee Wind, and welcome to this special edition of the S, C, B, W, I Team Blog coverage of Elizabeth Law's Keynote address to the multitudes. I'm joined here by the effervescent and insightful Paula Yoo. Paula, can you tell us what the official title of the speech will be?

Paula: From Johnny Tremain to Edward Cullen: How Children's Publishing is Changing, and how to meet the challenges head on.

Lee: While we're waiting for the crowd to simmer down, and for Lin's intro, what are some fun facts that our audience might not know about Elizabeth?

Paula: She was a girl scout leader. She was also a life guard.

Lee: Good skill set for her current gig, huh?

Paula: She's certainly keeping her head above water. She's really able to dive into her work.

Lee: And I bet she's a wiz at selling cookies!

Paula: I wonder what her favorite cookies are?

Lee: Hmmm... Rubber chicken cookies, perhaps?

Paula: With mushroom sauce.

Lee: lovely. Lin's taking the stage, let's tune in. Oh, the new joke category's being announced.

Lin: For this contest, think of a funny or hilarious psuedonym to go with a classic i.e. The Harry Potter series by Paige Turner.

Paula: I have a new nickname for her. "ELaw" Like JLo. Get it?

Lee: Okie-dokie then. Here's the ELaw intro. Let's listen in.

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Posted by Paula Yoo and Lee Wind

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