Monday, August 10, 2009

Ingrid Law - Writing Magic: From the Head to the Heart continued

Hints at her story:

Main character is a boy who mucks stables (a job which has medical benefits) but dreams of being an enchanter making potions.

Boy's first potions fall flat (not having a clear theme or plot driver) but he keeps working late at night and early in the morning on his magic (and luckily, stable mucking is a mindless task.)

Boy makes a lovely potion, divides it into four vials and leaves family, heading to the city of glass and towers -- the city of the enchanters -- where he'll need to face one of the four Gatekeepers to get in (and sadly, the boy hasn't been able to afford a subscription to Gatekeeper's Weekly so he's not sure exactly what each Gatekeeper is looking for in a potion.)

On the way, he meets a baker, a milliner, and a minstrel who add things to three of the vials.

The boy submits the adulterated potions to the East, West, and South Gatekeepers all of whom send back a printed rejection note: "Dear Potion Maker..."

The boy submits his last vial to the North Potion Maker who also sends back a printed potion rejection note. But, 'Flop and Floption!' there's a handwritten note scrawled at the bottom:

Keep working, the trope of this magic is overdone, but your plot construction shows promise


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