Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blue Moon Ball: Paula's Party Pics

Good morning! Did everyone survive last night's insanely surreal and super fun Blue Moon Ball party? In case you can't remember what happened last night (LOL), here are three photos I snapped for evidence of the merrymaking... if you want to see more photos, please check out my website for a wrap up photo gallery later today at

Picture No. 1: Jay Asher and I (Paula Yoo) found our Mojo! We did not plan out outfits together, but I was wearing a retro '60s blue velvet dress and white gogo boots (check out more pics later at my website), so I was delighted to discover Austin Powers himself was attending the Blue Moon Ball. Yeah, baby! :)

Picture No. 2: This was the official SCBWI drink this year - a Blue Moon Frozen Daiquiri! If you weren't able to make last night's party, don't worry, I made sure to have one for you! :)

Picture No. 3: This picture is proof that YES, men DO attend the national SCBWI conference. (The statistics are something like 10,297 women and 23 men at the conference. I found two of them, picture book authors, and had to snap their picture as proof of their existence. I call them the Blue Moon Prom Dudes. LOL.)

For more updates on the party and more pics, check out my website soon for more dish!

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