Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marla Frazee: How Your Words Inspire Me to Draw Pictures--and How They Don't

Marla was interested in illustration the song "Hush, Little Baby" so she began to research lullabies.

She found there were three categories: soothing, bribery, threat. When Marla illustrated "Hush, Little Baby (a bribery lullaby) she set her book in the 1850s in her book. She added an older sister into the mix, who's helping her papa get her new little sister to sleep.

Marla showed us images of the whole book (which is wonderful). You can pretend you were here by checking out of copy of Hush, Little Baby and studying the way the illustrations and text work together.


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  1. I'm a Marla Frazee fan, and I liked several things she said:
    "I want the words and pictures to dance with each other--two strands, two points of view that diverge and converge."

    She went on to say, that in pictures books, it is "not the author and the illustrator who collaborate; it's the words and pictures that collaborate."