Monday, August 10, 2009

Ingrid Law - Writing Magic: From the Head to the Heart

A reminder of Ingrid's story: her first book published, SAVVY, went on the NYT Bestseller list, ALA and Hornbook say it is one of the ten best books of the year, Newbery Honor!, etc.

"The last writers's workshop/conference I went to was 8 or 9 years ago at BYU."

Tim Wynne-Jones and Eve Bunting were at that conference and Ingrid was too shy to share her manuscript even though Tim wanted to see more. She was very shy. She says she is still shy and just asked us if we wouldn't all mind turning around for the rest of her presentation. :)

Ingrid's keynote will be in story form! She's calling it 'Ingrid Unedited' and asks us not to hold it against her.

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  1. That story she read was so great that I think she should become... like... a writer or something. I'm just saying, you know.