Monday, August 10, 2009

Jenn Bailey - Sweet Tweet: Maximize Your Online Presence with Twitter

The entire live blog post will be composed of tweets: all 140 characters or less. #scbwi09

We've been finding ways to stay in touch for a long time. This is just a new way to do it. #scbwi09

Twitter is joining the gang for a drink. #scbwi09

Messages spread like crazy on this network. #scbwi09

Then you have to find people. And you have to participate. Participating is very fast. #scbwi09

Share the love. It’s how things go viral. Be generous. #scbwi09

Be accessible. Be relevant. Be informative, inspiring, or entertaining. #scbwi09

This is a great time to jump on the Twitter bus. #scbwi09

You need to be a friend to get a friend. #scbwi09

Be aware of TMI (too much information). #scbwi09

Great people to follow: @egmontgal #scbwi09

Great people to follow: @jonbard #scbwi09

Who’s doing it right: @cynthea #scbwi09

or on twitter...

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