Monday, August 10, 2009

Early Morning Stars with your coffee

Every other morning I've gone down to Starbucks for my room coffee. And each time I've found myself in line next to a star.

Yes, I am in my yoga pants and pjs. Yes, I have kitten breath and remarkable bed hair. So no, I DO NOT HAVE MY CAMERA.

This morning, a delightful slice of Illinois got in line behind me. She's really charming -- fist bumps with all the Starbucks employees (and she got a free drink.) Meet fellow conference goer Patty J Murphy. I will look for her books!


And YESTERDAY, I couldn't believe my living undead luck -- Marlene Perez got in line behind me! I am a big fan of Marlene's and I hope I see her again when I'm cleaned and coiffed and caffeinated to have a proper conversation. Also, if Linda Johns is reading this, I am going to hug you when I get home on behalf of Marlene (they've been in a critique group for TEN years and met for the first time at an LA Conference.) And Linda, I promise I will shower first.


One morning Cecilia Yung got behind me in line. And then on the way to the elevator I walked by Brenda Bowen. Too nervous to make eye contact with either, but if you are attending the LA Conference you never know who you'll see at 7:00 am!


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  1. The fantastically wonderful Coffee Song!!