Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jim Averbeck's Session! Opening The Door: Writing For Illustration

Jim is the author of the beautiful and multi-award winning "In A Blue Room."

Starting quote: The Illustrator is the other partner in writing a picture book. The trick is to get them to love your words and visualize what they want to do.

Jim is a writer first, who moved into illustrating as well.

For "In a Blue Room," he wrote the words and Tricia Tusa illustrated.

Then he illustrated a story by Linda Sue Park, "Long Walk To Water." (A serialized novel that came out in newspapers. To be published by Clarion.)

"Except If," his upcoming Picture Book, is one he wrote AND illustrated.

So he's looked at this from all three angles!

And here are just a few of his great tips for authors:

Choose a subject with a strong sense of time and place.

Variety of setting is really important.

Action and movement - but can you do it with nouns?

Increasing visual complication!

Character Attitude (Like Alexis O'Neill did in "The Recess Queen.")

WOW - so much great advice and insight!

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