Saturday, August 8, 2009

Agent Panel : Marietta Zacker continued

Lin Oliver has started asking the agents questions. Lin says, "Tell Nancy [Gallt] we are all expecting a website."

Marietta echoed all the other agents' answers to Lin's first question and adds what she has noticed as a change in business thanks to the economic slump:
Conversations with editors are really deep... They are working so hard, not taking anything for granted, they are really looking deep into their souls to figure out what they are looking to acquire.
Lin's next question concerns what the agents feel their roles are as agents -- lots of editing? Hands off?

For Marietta it really depends, there are some manuscripts -- it's not that they are ready to go, but it's that the MS needs someone in an editorial department to work on it. Marietta is not afraid to work on/edit manuscripts.

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