Monday, August 10, 2009

Crossover Writing: Linda Sue Park, Lisa Yee, and Arthur A. Levine

Lisa Yee (far right), Linda Sue Park (center),
and Arthur A. Levine (speaking as Sid Fleischman)

Since Sid wasn't able to attend, Arthur A. Levine graciously stepped in. Arthur read Sid's contribution for this panel, including these gems:

Most our lives are sequences of scenes - and in this respect, art is like life.

Emotion is common to all genres.

Without emotion to touch us, one is left with typing paper.

Linda Sue Park:
Still, today, when revising my novels, there are several run throughs on the language level, in which I revise my novels like a poem.

She even goes through the draft one time during revisions, focusing solely on where the period falls - like in poetry!

She writes poetry in the fallow times between novels.

Her first picture book was adapted from a poem she had written thinking it would be for an adult poetry collection.

More on this great panel to come! Hey, people keep coming in - it's standing room only now!

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