Sunday, August 9, 2009

Insider Info Not to Be Missed!

Afternoon Session Preview: Frank Portman, Steven Malk, Krista Marino

Sometimes you end up in the right place at the right time and get great scoop at the conference. For me...twice!

So, since I'm part of Team Blog, lucky you, I get to share. Shhh...

Later today, Portman, Malk, and Marino will be presenting together in the afternoon breakout session: The Writer-Agent-Editor Team. This scoop from Steven Malk: the talented Frank Portman will preform a song (or two!) during the session. How cool is that?

Then yesterday, Frank's ├╝ber cool editor, Krista Marino, handed me a Frank Portman promo CD FULL of goodies (some of them secret...squeee!).

Nothing like cook swag, huh?

I'll be there live blogging (and sharing a bit from my swag!), but if you don't want to miss a Frank Portman performance, you'll have to join me.

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