Sunday, August 9, 2009

Elizabeth Law Color Commentary, Pt. 4

And here's Pt. 4 of ELaw's keynote with more colorful commentary!

PAULA: ELaw says "I really encourage you to be up to your elbows in this area when you're not writing." She's referring to reading and keeping up with the books in today's YA and children's literature. She's praising THE HUNGER GAMES and Suzanne Collins as "an incredibly economical writer." "Really read in the genre," she says.

LEE: (Silence)

PAULA: Uh Lee? Any color commentary?

LEE: Oh sorry. I was busy writing down ELaw's jewels of wisdom in my notebook. I want to remember every. single. word.

PAULA: I agree. ELaw is captivating the standing-room only ballroom with her incisive and insightful advice.

LEE: Uh, they're all sitting, Paula.

PAULA: Sorry, I got carried away.

LEE: Uh oh, she's now talking about the "bad news."

PAULA: Don't worry, she's just saying the bad news is that she can't tell us HOW to write a good book. She says that's up to us because we're the writers. Instead, it's her job to help get those good books out there.

LEE: You know, she's also having a really good hair day.

PAULA: I know! How does she stay so poised on Day 3 of this exhausting conference? What's her secret?

LEE: Could it be a Bumpit? Stay Tuned (click here!) for the final installment, Part 5 of our color commentary to find out!

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