Sunday, August 9, 2009

Elizabeth Law Color Commentary, Pt. 2

And... we're off! Elizabeth Law is now speaking. (I have nicknamed her "ELaw," like JLo.)

LEE: I like the pink sweater and the chunky jewelry. It's a nice touch.

PAULA: I agree. The pink really shows off her lovely complexion.

LEE: Oh, she's now talking about Egmont. Did you know their profits go to a children's charity? She's feisty, fashion savvy, AND generous. Talk about fabulous!

PAULA: Only eight people in their company? Wow. I thought WE had a tough job. SCBWI TEAM BLOG is a picnic compared to the hard work ELaw and her staff does!

LEE: I like that she doesn't whine or complain. She's very positive. She says YA hardcover is growing and children's publishing is the growth area of publishing. Oh, and she's seeing better manuscript submissions now. That's awesome! But she says we have to up our game because the competition is stiff.

PAULA: Hey Lee! Where are you going?

LEE: (Running away) I have to go revise my manuscript!

PAULA: You have plenty of time for that! Come back for more ELaw jewels of wisdom!

LEE returns... click here for Part 3

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