Monday, August 10, 2009

SCBWI Master Class

A clip of the SCBWI Master Class with Richard Peck is being shown as conference goers filter into the ball room, on this, our last day of the conference.

Master Class DVDs can be ordered soon through the SCBWI MARKETPLACE. There are two: Richard Peck and Tomie dePaola, two men who could be listened to all day long. But, if you are lucky enough to be here, you can pick them up in the bookstore.



  1. these clips are great! and i think it is hilarious that before they begin their mouths are covered with the "play arrow", as if they are being censored. LOL. Love it. Love 'em.

  2. btw, i think more comments would be here but there is something "quirkY' goin' on with the post comment button. It always tells me "error" 2 or 3 times before I get my comment to post...

  3. I just want to recommend that Richard Peck DVD. It's positively brilliant and genuinely helpful. I watched in on the flight back from the NY SCBWI in February, right after buying it, and find it invaluable. When I'm stuck on something, I often pop it in again.

  4. I agree with Steve - the Richard Peck DVD is wonderful! I bought it in NY as well, and it is so inspirational.