Sunday, August 9, 2009

Golden Kite Awards: SCBWI LA 2009 Portfolio Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winner and honorees of the SCBWI LA 2009 Portfolio Award contest! The Grand Prize winner and two Honor recipients, their art work, and websites are listed below:

Grand Prize: Israel Sanchez,

Honor: Brian Ormiston,

Honr: Stephanie Roth Sisson,

Posted by Paula Yoo


  1. Congrats to all three winners. Well deserved

  2. Thank you! I'm actually pretty embarrassed- the images used on screen and on this blog of my work illustrates that IS important to update your website!! Those images are a bit old and were not in my potfoilio..BUT if you care to see more current stuff, please checkout my blog at, my apologies about the website- I am call the web guy today!

  3. Stephanie, your artwork is beautiful. These were the JPGs I received to post this blog. Please let me know when you update your website so I can post an updated link at my website, Congratulations again to you and all the winners! best, Paula