Monday, August 10, 2009

Bonnie Bader: Pitch-A-Thon!

Bonnie Bader listens to a Pitch in Progress

You know you have to be able to pitch your book. To agents. To editors.

Your agent pitches your book to editors.

Your editor pitches your book to their colleagues, to get them all excited about reading and working on your book.

And once your book is published, to sell your book it is pitched to readers!

So, how the heck DO you pitch your book?

Bonnie Bader, Editor-in-Chief of Grosset & Dunlap and Price Stern Sloan (Penguin Young Readers) offered an incredible hands-on, interactive opportunity to work on your pitch.

In 6 sessions of 10 particpants each, Bonnie helped attendees learn HOW to pitch their projects!

Here's a great Bonnie quote from today's session:

"Create a Log Line. You should be able to boil down your premise and the hook of your book in less than three sentences."

Here's how it worked: Each writer presented their pitch, and then Bonnie did a critique.

compliments: What worked well about the pitch.

constructive suggestions: Seeking clarity, helping shape the pitch, fine-tuning. Wanting more tone and voice.

And then Bonnie opened it up to discussion, and all the other pitch-ees shared their insights.

And after that Bonnie shared an encouraging appraisal.

The session's only half through, and I've already learned so much!

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