Sunday, August 9, 2009

Richard Peck's special Keynote at the Golden Kite Luncheon

Richard is unbelievably quotable!

You have to read 1,000 books before you write one.

On the benefits of being a writer rather than a teacher:

We can't be fired. We're unemployed.

He's reading some letters from his readers... some of them are really funny, and heartfelt!

On his own reading:

Charlotte's Web was published the year I graduated from High School, so I was
too old for it then. But not now.

And with a final flourish, the room stood on their feet. 1,000 people, cheering for all that wisdom!

Posted by Lee Wind


  1. Richard Peck's talk left me breathless.

  2. I'm breathless and I wasn't even there. What a great writer and speaker.

    Thanks Lee

  3. Richard Peck's speech was the emotional highpoint of the conference, and there were many to choose from. Beautifully crafted, magnificently delivered, his speech was the distillation of why anyone should cherish words and their potential.

    How can I get a copy!?

  4. A few more quotes from Richard Peck that day:

    About only writing what you know: "J.K. Rowling never went to Hogwarts, Beatrix Potter never was a rabbit, Ernest Hemingway didn't ride all those bulls and climb all those mountains and love all those women. . . he wouldn't have have hat time to write!"

    Implying facebook and twitter: "We monitor each other around the clock in a pattern that would've silenced George Orwell."

    I loved every word and every phrase he spoke.