Sunday, August 9, 2009

Holly Black Keynote! Basics of Fantasy - A Live-Blog, Book One

Holly's speech is called "Examining the Strange: The Basics of Fantasy Writing"

She's talking about her affinity for fantasy, especially her childhood, where
Holly's mother told her to never astral-project, because if you leave your body empty, something else could get in there!

(This got a Huge Laugh.)

And if we want to write fantasy, Holly exhorts us to READ fantasy! But not JUST fantasy. We need to read broadly. Widely.

As children's book writers, Holly believes we are in a genre-less genre, because kids don't know about the boundaries of genre, and that enables us to mix and meld and experiment!

And that fantasy has something amazing that makes it unique...

To find out what, check out the Holly Black Live-Blog Trilogy, Part Two!

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