Friday, August 7, 2009

Sherman Alexie Keynote Continued...

Sharing his true story of having water on the brain. Serious topic, but in Alexie's words, it's seriously funny! He must be getting a laugh every minute (or more)!

Alexie grew up poor and sick. Invisible. His parents were struggling with alcoholism. He didn't have plumbing until he was seven, and he lived in a 125 year old house. But he loved books. And so did his dad. Because his dad read, his house was filled with books.

He was a veracious reader and adults were constantly bringing him books.

He says it's great to get huge packets from kids, the best letters being the ones that are so honest..."We had to read or book and I thought it sucked."

Common theme in letters (no matter who the kid is writing it):

"My choices are being made for me."

"You have to be really sure this is the career you want. People open up their
lives to you on a daily basis. They open up their chest and hand you their

Talking about banned books. Banners always turn the book into a treasure!

"I'm in the genre of young adult realism. The kids I'm thinking about are
the kids that are unprotected."


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