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BRENDA BOWEN: "Agents Panel: The State of the Business" Part 1

BRENDA BOWEN: "Agents Panel: The State of the Business" Part 1

Highlights from the Agents Panel: The State of the Business featuring Brenda Bowen, Sarah Davies, Stephen Frasier, Dan Lazar, Kelly Sonnack, and Marietta Zacker.

Each SCBWI Team Blogger focusing on one agent. 

Stay tuned for live blogs from Lee Wind's blog on Dan Lazar, Alice's blog on Sarah Davies, Jolie's blog on Stephen Fraser, Suzanne's blog on Kelly Sonnack, and Jaime's blog on Marietta Zacker.

I'm focusing on BRENDA BOWEN: She is a literary agent with Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, a full-service agency founded in 1932, and the home of Dan Brown, Fancy Nancy, and Kafka. A former publisher, Brenda specializes in children's books at SJGA, and is always on the lookout for funny books for middle graders.

Highlights from Brenda Bowen's quotes @ the panel:

-- Her imprint, The Bowen Press at HarperCollins, became "a statistic" because it launched in January 2009 and was "axed" in February 2009. "But when a door closes, another one opens," she said to great applause, referring to her new job as a literary agent with Sanford J. Greenburger Associates.

-- What Brenda is looking for: "A strong voice, assured confident writing, and creative use of language."

-- She does like "literary books" but she also has a fondness for funny books and asks that if you plan to submit a funny book, please indicate so! 

-- Find out how to submit via their website:

-- For Brenda Bowen, please put "SCBWI-LA" in the subject line of your email query

-- Although Brenda has only been an agent since July, she's already signed some great clients. She says one person had written such a compelling sample via email that she downloaded the entire 15 pages attached and read it immediately and signed the writer right away. "So it does happen," Brenda says, adding that again, the voice was extremely "compelling" which is what sold her on the writer.

Stay tuned for more highlights!

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