Saturday, August 8, 2009

Karen Cushman: In Dreams Begin Responsiblities 2

Karen used to love Little LuLu. She was the only cartoon that was like her...a little, ordinary girl. She wanted to know what they said, thought and believed.

Karen told her husband over and over that she had an idea for a story. One day when she asked him if she could share an idea with him, he told her no, that she's been saying that for years. This particular time he said he wanted to read it.

Karen's advice, "Don't listen to advice. Even mine."

"I don't have to be in front of a computer or sitting in a chair to be working."

"Inspiration often strikes when my butt is out of my chair."

Karen is currently working on a new book WILL SPARROW'S ROAD with a boy protagonist.

Karen never writes and edits at the same time. She's sure to know which hats she's wearing.

"Read what you love and ask yourself why you love it."


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