Saturday, August 8, 2009

Karen Cushman: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Karen Cushman is receiving a lovely intro from Lin Oliver. Karen is one of Lin's favorite writers and favorite people of all time.

"With every word, every character, idea, or opinion...I'm offering my heart to my readers."

Oh, my! Karen is giving everyone chills. She offers her heart to the audience.

"We are here to help each other," she says. And she offers her help to all. She just offered to answer all questions, for any and all to stop her and ask for help. How amazingly generous is that?

Karen's talk was just interrupted by a cell phone..."Sounds like the ice cream truck is here!" Love her humor.

"I wrote because I could not dance."

"When I wanted to know something, I opened a book."



  1. You should ask her to carry your books to the next class Jolie. What a generous person.

  2. I interviewed Karen several years ago after meeting her at a conference. I like her books because her passion for people comes through in her characters. For the text of my interview visit and click Author Profiles.