Friday, August 7, 2009

Editors Panel: Jordan Brown

Success Stories

Jordan Brown, editor, Walden Pond Press at HarperCollins Books

Touching Snow by M. Sindy Felin became a National Book Award Finalist and was the first books he acquired. Great things about the book: 1. Magnificent voice 2. A character taking matters into her own hands. and 3. Very personal to the author.

The book is light in places it should be light and heavy where it needs to be heavy.

Jordan is drawn to books where he feels the author is writing the story because they have no choice but to write it. This also gives him (as an editor) the feeling that he has no choice.

"You know something is good when it inspires reactions in people."

A big part of a books success is that reading the book is a one on one experience with the characters and with the author.


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  1. My favorite comment from Jordan: "Reading is a one-on-one experience that allows your reader to interpret meaning from it."