Saturday, August 8, 2009

Andrea Welch - Meet Beach Lane Books/New Imprint, New Opportunities

Beach Lane's location sounds like something Marla Frazee might illustrate: a little studio on a flowered filled lane a block from the beach in La Jolla, CA.

Andrea Welch, editor there, has always had a love of children's books. While working at a small bookstore in college, Andrea made herself the unofficial 'manager' of the children's book section allowing her to soak up titles old and new.

She spent her first 8 years in the industry at Harcourt under Allyn Johnston (who'd been at Harcourt for 22 years) and both now make up Simon & Schuster's new West Coast imprint.


  1. Hello Andrea,

    I enjoyed hearing you at the conference and at the workshop. The one thing I did not get is the exact address I would send my postcard to for Beach Lane Books as an illustrator. I would appreciate it if somehow I could find out how to get the address.


    Natalie Totire

  2. Hello Andrea, I am also trying to find an address for Beach Lane Books. Are you accepting query letters? Anxiously yours, Jane Pashby

  3. I found this address:

    5666 La Jolla Boulevard #154
    La Jolla, CA 92037

  4. Hi Andrea,

    I've read that you don't accept unsolicited material. I'm new to this so I wonder if there is a way for you to view my picture book. I've read about Allyn and her personal work ethic, judgement, and her philosophy of hands on relationship. From my view I believe Beach Lane is the perfect match for me. I also trust that you will find my work worthy of your fine imprint. May I please just send you a query letter describing my book?

    Steve West