Saturday, August 4, 2012

Deborah Halverson Keynote: An Up To The Minute Survey Of Market Needs and Trends

Deborah - on the big screen!

Deborah Halverson is the source of one of the most valuable gems in the conference packets, "The 2012 SCBWI Market Survey: Publishers of Books for Young Readers."

She's giving us the behind-the-scenes info on the 16 page report, with the goal to enlighten us on what's going on behind the numbers - which might help us decide which projects to work on, and who to submit them to.

Some headlines...

Picture Books - the market is improving.

There's a trend of shorter, character-driven stories.

Middle Grade seems to be doing stronger than YA.

There's paranormal and dystopian fatigue.

She's sharing about ebooks, answers the question: are editors looking to acquire self-published works?, shares how most editors are acquiring from agent-submitted works, and how most agents are finding their clients through referrals and conferences.

It's honest, upbeat, and valuable, and now everyone is going to study and bookmark and dog-ear their copy of the "2012 SCBWI Market Survey."

Thanks, Deborah!


  1. Hi Lee, how can members who weren't able to attend the conf this year get a copy of this survey?

  2. Linda, the survey is available on the website: