Sunday, August 5, 2012

Agents Panel: Deborah Warren

Deborah Warren is the founder of East West Literary.

Deborah started the agency over ten years ago, always with the belief they would have an east arm, as she is on the west coast. That east coast arm is lead by Rubin Pfeffer.

"We love finding debut talent." East West loves nurturing, advocating, and match-making.

On the path to publication:

Surround yourself with people who love books. Respect the industry and what agents do as well. Deborah says we're all in this together.

Comment on the market:

It's an exciting time in this new digital world with the opportunity to think of ourselves as content creators.

Pitfalls people can avoid:

Placing your second book is just as important as placing your first book. You need a big picture aspect of where you want to be. For illustrators, finding the right job is important, not just taking a job. It's okay to say no.

"Cherish your gift and respect the gifts you all give to children because that is why we are all doing what we do."

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