Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Golden Kite for Melissa Sweet

Taking home the Golden Kite for Picture Book Illustration for Balloons Over Broadway, the dazzling-in-fuschia, Melissa Sweet!

Better than our Hyatt ravioli, below are a few choice amuse bouche from her acceptance speech:

This award is judged by illustrators, and that Balloons won fills Melissa with immense gratitude.

A little bit on the evolution of Balloons—only four days after hearing about the creative whirlwind known as Tony Sarge, Melissa was in his home town of Nantucket looking at the collection of his toys and projects housed there.

She worked on BOB for five years, the more she researched, the more enamored she became of Sarge. He does sound like one hot tamale.

Melissa's publisher encouraged her to do any sort of art she wanted to do to make the book its best.

With support like that, it's easy to believe Melissa when she says the pleasure and privilege Melissa has in working with editor Ann Rider is immeasurable.

"Art is the big yes," Melissa leaves us with a few words from Marvin Bell.

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