Sunday, August 5, 2012

Most Enthusiastic Author Signing Attendee: Carolyn Dee Flores

Check out Carolyn's twist on getting her books signed...

We'll call it "sign my iPad"

But that's not at the expense of physical books.  After all, Carolyn's so enthusiastic and has so many hard cover and paperback books for our faculty authors and illustrators to sign, she carries them around in a novel way...

Yes.  That's a suitcase.  FULL of books!

Go Carolyn!

Our thanks to Carol Barreyre, Assistant Regional Advisor from NC/NE Texas for the photos!


  1. People always ask me "Why buy a suitcase full of books at SCBWI every year? Isn't that just crazy?"
    Well, there actually IS a reason.
    Growing up, I spent several years in Bangkok, Thailand and Naha, Okinawa, Japan. You don't know what it was like for a child like me to find books to read in MY native language - English. I read Dickens, Twain, L. Frank Baum, and then I discovered JOHNNY TREMAIN by Esther Forbes.

    When I finally checked it back in, my elementary school librarian pointed to a poster on the wall listing all of the Newbery books. I read as many as I could. I studied that poster. I still have it memorized. In the mind of someone so far removed from American culture and the United States - I could only dream about what it might be like to work with or meet one of those authors one day. I treasure books. I read every one of them over and over and over.
    Thank you everybody for being so gracious with me - especially SCBWI and Lin Oliver and Stephen Mooser.

    I know it's weird, but I've already started saving for my book collection NEXT year.


    Carolyn Dee Flores

  2. I agree with Shelli - it's lovely to know the story behind your passion! Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!

  3. Who doesn't love a booklover? I lived in Machinato, Okinawa as a kid and I know what you mean about craving books. Thanks for posting. AND....Julian Hector was in my class at Parsons (saw his link on your site)...small planet. : )

  4. Pat,
    Wow! It IS a small planet!Cool about Okinawa.
    Julian Hector's THE LITTLE MATADOR is awesome!
    Did he do that for your class?
    I heard a rumor that it started as a book dummy for his class project at Parsons.

  5. I sure did, Carolyn! The Little Matador was my class project in Pat's children's book making class.