Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Golden Kite Luncheon Starts Out With SCBWI Staff Introductions and Applause!

Lin introduces the SCBWI staff, to the appreciation of the crowd.  (Here's a close up photo from the scbwi website.)

From right to left:  Brandon Clarke, Gee Cee Addison, Kim Turissi, Sarah Baker (holding the newest staff member, baby Anarres - Lin's first grandchild), Chelsea Mooser (who in a profile moment showed us how she's working on Steve's first grandchild) , Sara Rutenberg, Sam Watson, Kayla Heinen and Sally Crock.

And just to show everyone how the SCBWI community is a family, they're sharing the beautiful quilts organized by the Regional Advisors for the babies - with art by an incredible roster of world-class illustrators!