Friday, August 3, 2012

Patricia Maclachlan: Revising My Life

Lin Oliver tells us we are all in for a the treat of a lifetime, and I'm certain we are.

Patricia Maclachlan is the celebrated and beloved author of many books for kids, including SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL which won the Newbery Medal.

Patricia starts with, "I'm sorry I have no scandals or murders. It's just really boring in my books."

Okay, Lin was right, we are in for a treat. Patricia already has the crowd is in stitches.

Patricia reads us a picture book called THE WRITER and the crowd busts up.

She now enjoys spying on her young grandchildren and listening to their conversations, and she's written a great conversation down to share with the audience. Her personal stories are lovely and hilarious, and truly can only be relayed through the lips of Patricia Maclachlan.

This, my friends, is just one of those times when I have to say, "I'm sorry you're not here to listen to this."

And now Patricia is singing to us. Aww!

A boy once asked her, "Is there anything about your writing that surprises you?

Patricia has made connections with the words and actions of her kids, and her grandchildren. She's had many of the same experiences and emotions. She answered the boys question:

"I write and revise my books all the way from childhood."
And he responded with, "I know that."

The great educator, Maria Montessori, once said, "The child endures all."

Patricia Maclachlan adds, "The child knows all."

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