Monday, August 8, 2011

SCBWI Poolside Pajama Party Pix

We sneaked out of the morning Intensives to post a few photos from the Saturday night 40 Winks Poolside Pajama Party. If you were captured on film in your PJs, feel free to post a comment about your costume!

Pajama pants were at de rigueur at the event
There were lots a sheep to count, but no one got sleepy
A princess and a pea!
Jon Scieszka with three books come-to-life
Mom, I've got my headgear on!
Nathan Hatch, Aaron Hartzler (ready for bed), and Arthur Levine
Someone get this lady another cocktail. Wait, that's no lady!
Colorful jammies keep party goers awake
These ladies are monkeying around
Rita Crayon Huang's PJs have won numerous Newberys
SCBWI's Chelsea Mooser and Steve Mooser with Sally Crock
Jim Averbeck, his pecs, and Linda Sue Park
Conference-goers dances late into the night before getting their 40 winks!


  1. After going to the conference this weekend, can I just say that I just graduated from college in May and SCBWI people have more energy and party harder than my college friends! Way to go you guys!

  2. thanks for the great pics, alice! i've discovered that you get to meet the best people when you're wearing boy's PJ's and headgear ;-)

  3. Your caption makes me laugh. I am so excited to own Newbery pajamas now! Thanks, Alice, for documenting, and thank you, SCBWI!! (My Newbery pajamas acceptance speech)

  4. Also, I'd like to thank my husband for ironing on 42-1/2 medals.