Thursday, August 11, 2011

Farewell & Thank You from TEAM BLOG

TEAM BLOG supporting its captain

On behalf of SCBWI TEAM BLOG (Martha Brockenbrough, Lee Wind, Jaime Temairik, Suzanne Young, Jolie Stekly, and yours truly), thanks to everyone who visited to read our conference coverage. (I encourage you to continue to peruse the blog--there's tons of great info here!)

Thanks also to all the conference-goers who stopped by our table to chat and stopped us in the halls--we appreciate all the great feedback. And we truly appreciate the opportunity to bring the extraordinary 40th Annual SCBWI Summer Conference to you.

We'll see you in New York for the Annual Winter Conference January 27-29, 2012! (Check for details closer to the event).

Go TEAM!! (l to r: Jolie, Lee, Martha, Jaime, Alice, Suzanne)


  1. Thanks so much for the communications job done by all in helping us lesser mortals feel we were a tiny part of the inspiration, the joy and the sharing that took place.

  2. All of you were so wonderful. Can't thank you enough for the great blogs!!!!

  3. Fabulous coverage, fascinating tidbits on each page. I cannot imagine NOT going in energy-recharging hibernation after such a herulean feat. Many kudos and thanks to each and very one of Team Blog!

    Quick query: Did any of you take in Michel Kripalani's presentation? Not a peep about it....