Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beverly Horowitz: Forget the Trends: the Story Only You Can Write

Clearly a trend at this conference is a packed break-out session, and, in keeping with the trends, Beverly Horowitz is standing-room only. 

Some thoughts Beverly has on trends:

You should know what’s going on in the market.

What are trends anyway?

Pay attention to the impact of trends, not just in the book business, but in the world.

If you see what’s working now, it’s too late. However, open your eyes, you don’t have to opt in. You can opt out.

"There is always room for something new and different."

Trends are important. It helps us understand the marketplace, and to understand the need.

Things change. Trends change.

Do your best work. What’s important is your commitment to the quality and the storytelling. That, only you can do.

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