Saturday, August 6, 2011


The entire SCBWI conference wishes John Green a fast and speedy recovery, but we also thank his gallbladder (in the nicest, most caring way) for bringing us Judy Blume.

If John had been at the conference today, my guess is that he'd be front-row-center to listen, one more super fan among the hundreds in the room. (Well, actually...he'd be standing up to give a keynote and we would not be watching Judy Blume take the stage, but you know.)

I know I am not alone in that Judy Blume has been a major influence throughout my life: from childhood when I was reading Superfudge, to my teen years when I got my hands on ARE YOU THERE, GOD? IT'S ME MARGARET, making me want to read everything and anything Judy Blume. (I still recall sitting in my school library riveted to her autobiography--because I'd read everything else.)

Now here I am, watching my SUPER HERO take the stage and I feel like a Justin Bieber fan. I suddenly understand the crying, shaking, and near fainting. The screaming part, I'm doing all that internally. Because it's Judy Freakin' Blume.

Already a standing ovation, just for taking the stage.


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