Friday, August 5, 2011

Children's Publishing: 5 Publishers Give an Industry-Wide Picture

Panel: Debra Dorfman, Beverly Horowitz, Jennifer Hunt, Allyn Johnston, and Julie Strauss-Gabel

Allyn Johnston: Beach Lane Books Imprint at Simon and Schuster. Publish 18 to 20 books per year. Mainly picture books.

Julie Strauss-Gabel: Dutton has gone through a change, becoming a small boutique publishing middle grade and young adult fiction. Dutton is imprint of Dial Books for Young Readers.

Jennifer Hunt: Vice President of Acquisition and Development and Editor-at-Large for Dial Books for Young Readers.

Beverly Horowitz: VP Publisher Delacorte, focus on middle grade and young adult.

Debra Dorfman: Editor at Scholastic. Her focus is on middle grade and chapter book series.

Question: Any particular genres that are endangered or growth spurting?

Beverly Horowitz: Believes with the demise of Borders and the many shifts in the publishing community, we have to have new thinking. She doesn't believe genres are going to die. Believes there is an opportunity. The independents who have survived have stronger potential. We shouldn't be afraid of the ebook. We are all more nimble than ever. As complicated and things are, things are more bullish than not, especially in the kid's market.

Debra Dorfman: Believes we're going to be seeing more books sold in non-traditional book stores. Many big box stores are now expanding their book areas.

Julie Strauss-Gabel: If you look at the success stories, in the children's market, we still have schools and libraries and there is no one way to publish a book to success. There's more than one journey.

Jennifer Hunt: Something that makes her hopeful is that kids are always in the forefront of innovation.

What kinds of skills do creators books need to have to help market a book or for a book to find its path?

Debra Dorfman: Important to put yourself out there. Work with your publisher and arrange school visits. To have a website. Helping to create your own buzz.

Julie Strauss-Gabel: Social media, or in person, only works when it's genuine. Do what is natural to you. People can tell when you're being genuine.

Jennifer Hunt: While there's an upside to social media, she's also seen it create a lot of anxiety in authors.

Tell us about one of your favorite upcoming books for your list:

Debra Dorfman: A series called GHOST BUDDY by Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler

Berverly Horowitz: ALL THE EARTH THROWN TO THE SKY by Joe Lansdale

Jennifer Hunt: COUNTING BY SEVENS by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Julie Strauss-Gabel: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green and THE DISENCHANTMENTS by Nina Lacour


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