Sunday, August 4, 2013

Richard Peck's Golden Kite Luncheon Keynote: "Writing at Eye Level, Not Grade Level"

When Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser were trying to figure out who they could get to top last year's Golden Kite Luncheon Keynote Speaker -- Richard Peck -- they came up with only one name...  Richard Peck!

Calling us "people of the story," Richard Peck talks about writing, the passage of time, language and story.  He has all 1,200 plus of us laughing, and thinking, and it's as if every sentence was crafted to be embroidered on a pillow, or carved into a wooden plank, or perhaps even tweeted.

Here are just a few of the golden nuggets he shared:

"We learn to write from better writers than we are."

"Books are written on our level not grade level."

"We who write those pages they read in search of themselves."

His speech is profound, and thought-provoking, and ends with these words,

"No civilization lasts... but there are always survivors, and we... we write their biographies."

Everyone leaps to their feet to give Richard a standing ovation!

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