Friday, August 2, 2013

Laura Purdie Salas' NonFiction Workshop - Writing For the Educational Market: How To Approach a Publisher, Get an Assignment, and Write the Dang Book!

Laura Purdie Salas has written over 100 books for kids and teens, and she's here to give us the scoop on writing for the Educational Market!

Laura Purdie Salas leading her session

Laura starts off saying that educational publishing is kind of a hidden part of publishing - hidden, but huge.

Her goal is for attendees to leave this session with the information to pursue our own assignments.

She's outlining the differences between trade and educational publishing, using her own books as examples.  Copyright, payments, how the book is sold, even how the book is initiated -- it's all different.

Calling publisher catalogs a "goldmine" because they help us figure out which publishers we want to approach, she's walking us through the steps towards getting published in the educational market -- and being successful at it!

She's covering submissions, contracts, working with editors, research... and leads a lively Q&A session at the end.  She even ends with a raffle, giving away her example books to the attendees!

It's a fast and remarkable education in, well, the educational market.  (Goal accomplished!)

Laura is clearly a master, and even has a book for writers, Writing Children's Nonfiction Books for the Educational Market.

A few of Laura's many nonfiction titles:

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