Friday, August 2, 2013

Gill Evans: Landslides and Digital Tremors--Should We be Afraid?

Gill Evans is the editorial director and fiction publisher at Walker Books in London. Her keynote is titled Landslides and Digital Tremors--Should We be Afraid? Navigating a New Landscape of Storytelling and Publishing.

Gill started her keynote talking about the different types of digital publishing, and some of the benefits of each. She pointed out that publishers are no longer the gatekeepers of storytelling. Digital publishing has given stories another route to readers.

Fanfiction, for example, is way of experimentation where readers can immerse themselves in the book world and interact within it the way they want. Fanfic sites are filled with aspiring authors, and some have gone on to find success in the publishing world.

Fanfic and online fiction are a great source of feedback, which many authors crave. And social media can create a seamless extension of content.

This new 360 vision of publishing offers many opportunities for development, and holds advantages for both authors and publishers.  

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