Monday, August 2, 2010

Mac McCool Graphic Novel Premium Workshop

What's totally awesome?

Today was the last day of Mac's workshop. He spent the time critiquing each person's page of panels or page of a graphic novel script. For some, it was their first time drawing a comics page, but all felt it had been a great place to learn and experiment.

For readability, it's all about bubble placement, baby.
Mac critiqued story arc, text, pacing, as well as bubble design, inking, color, panel style, final art, and lettering. He took great care to translate art or comics terms that may be foreign to authors or even some illustrators.

Everyone put their art up and we all had a chance to check stuff out. These were some of my favorites:

Eric Sailer of New York

Elizabeth Oh of Hawaii
Lucy Mara Taylor of California  
Brooke Boynton Hughes of Colorado
And here's Brooke holding another assignment about character silhouettes.
Please, please, let's do this again! And, HEY! Did you spot the celebrity in the first picture?


  1. Amazing! And are you the person responsible for helping get similar workshops up to Western Washington? Because I think that would be a really good idea...

  2. Lexi! This means you have to come to one of the SCBWI International Conferences, too.