Monday, August 2, 2010

Gennifer Choldenko: Rewrytz: How to be your Own Best Editor

Gennifer Choldenko is an award-winning author of many books for young readers.

(This used to be Gennifer's license plate.)

Gennifer jumps right with tips on revising.

Do get time away from your manuscript. You need to get some distance from it.
Don’t be lazy. This is where time away really helps.
Good work takes time.

Don’t be defensive. Open your mind to what people say without being a doormat and doing everything everyone says.

Every writer needs an editor. Getting feedback doesn't mean you didn't do a good job.

Do be patient with the process.

Some of us are late bloomers. Some of us need to learn our way to things.

Don't be a good girl. If someone suggests you make a change that you know isn't right for you, then don't make it. In the end, it's not going to work if you just do what somebody says.

The goal is to make your book better, not check off every item of the critique letter.

Do follow your instincts.

Do revise as creatively as you can.
Do have courage.
Do believe in yourself.

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