Sunday, August 1, 2010

Golden Kite Luncheon - Illustrator Mentorship Awards

Really, if you're an illustrator and you're NOT an SCBWI member or attending the LA or NY conference, you are a monkey's uncle. Here's an amazing new opportunity magicked up by the SCBWI Board Illustrator Committee:

The Mentorship Award is presented to a select group of six illustrators participating in the annual Portfolio Showcase, whose publishable work shows great promise and potential. The purpose goes beyond just the selection, in that the Mentorship Program is an intense advance-level portfolio critique that includes both individual reviews with each Mentor, and a culminating critique peer meeting with all Mentors and Mentees. This all will take place during the conference hours.

Mentors this year include: Cecilia Yung, Art Director and VP at Penguin Young Readers; Pat Cummings, Illustrator, Writer, and Instructor at Parsons; Priscilla Burris, National Illustrator Coordinator; David Diaz, Award Winning Illustrator; Bridget Strevens-Marzo, International Illustrator Liason; and Rubin Pfeffer, Agent at East/West Literary Agency.

This year's Mentees are:

Ashley Mims
John Deininger
Andrea Offermann
Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Eliza Wheeler
Kimberly Gee

Let's call this idea FANFREAKINGTASTIC!

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