Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanks from SCBWI Team Blog!

Pictured in the video Left to right: Alice Pope, Jolie Stekly, Sarah Stern, Lee Wind, Martha Brockenbrough, and Jaime Temairik.

Suzanne Young (in the still photo above) was hard at work blogging a different panel when we shot this video - that's how busy and how hard we all worked to share with you these tastes and sights and sounds of the 2010 SCBWI Summer Conference.

We invite you to go back through the more than 100 SCBWI Team Blog posts from the last four days. If you were forunate enough to be here with us, you can check out the sessions and keynotes you attended, to remember the high points. Look at the posts from the sessions you missed (unless you were able to clone yourself!)

If you weren't able to be here in Los Angeles, you can get a sample of the wealth of information the conference offered on the business, craft and inspiration of writing and illustrating for children!

We hope to see you in New York at the 2011 Winter Conference!

-- Team Blog


  1. I was not able to attend this year...thanks for all the updates! Hope to make the conference in NY.

  2. That was such a great conference! Even though I was there, I keep reading your recaps for all the things I missed.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  3. Well done. Thank you for the great coverage to those not there.

  4. Okay, I'm here in New York City, but feel I flew to L.A. Conference. Thank you for all spectacular posts.

  5. Team Blog: MANY, MANY THANKS for doing such a terrific job covering the conference. My only regret when I'm presenting is missing on other great presentations that run at the same time as mine. So thanks to all your hard work and fun reporting, I'm getting some of the wonderful goodies from all the talented authors, agents, illustrators, editors, publishers, social networkers, and Martians from Delaware who have shared their insight about the craft and the industry!

    And a heart-felt thanks goes to Jaime who made it to my workshop and took plenty of great photos!!! Thanks so much Jaime!!!