Monday, August 2, 2010

Arthur A. Levine Workshop: Strong Emotions on the Page (Day 4)

The big finale.

Another dramatic start: Arthur has apprently had too much coffee and diet Coke. We still don't know if the missing assignments have been recovered. Perhaps it will all come to an exciting conclusion.

Last night's assignment was to take the same snapshots we used for our first piece of writing, and now use them to create a new piece with a different emotion than was conveyed the first time.

More good, concrete ideas from Arthur as we share our writing:
  • It's important to know who the scene is important to;
  • Watch for stock phrases like, squeal of delight and an exhausted sigh. What does it really sound like?
  • When the words are generic, it can make the reader lose interest. When words are specific, it will make the reader sit up and take notice;
  • Make sure the words you choose are the ones your character would use;
  • When you get nostalgic you must push back to that time to make the writing stronger;
  • The emotion informs how you're telling the story.
It's been a class so good, no one wants to leave.

(As for the exciting conclusion of The Case of the Missing Homework, it was found in the Lost and Found.)

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  1. I'd love to be able to find the other Arthur Levine workshop posts, but there's no tag cloud, and when I entered "Arthur A. Levine workshop" in the search box I couldn't read the results (no contrast with the black background. It would be awesome if you could add a "related posts" plug-in...

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lia. I'll add a link to each of the other 3 sessions.