Monday, August 2, 2010

Editor Panel: Jennifer Hunt (Little Brown)

A View From the Top: 4 Publishers Discuss our Industry

Jennifer Hunt oversees the acquisitions and development of all middle grade and young adult fiction for the Little Brown for Young Readers (LBYR) list.

Jennifer started with an internship with Beacon Press. She also worked forTime Magazine and Money magazine. She then went to Random House, from there to Lee and Low, and finally to Little Brown where she's been for 9 years.

Jennifer considers LBYRs a boutique house, and she loves their philosophy: to strive to be the best in class.

At Little Brown for Young Readers there are thee distinct imprints: Poppy, LB Kids, and LBYR. Likes to think LBYR is an imprint that authors can find a career at, and a place where they never give up.

Across the three imprint there are about 12 editors and their offices are all together. They communicate and this should be considered when you are submitting.

Lin: What is the creative climate of children's books?

"In our history great story telling has been around for ages and it will continue to be around for ages."

"Whereever we are going in the future, there is still a place for storytelling, and we should keep our minds focused on that."

As far as marketing and allocation, LBYR likes to think of each book individually.

Lin: How is your company regarding multi-media?

There's a whole team that's dedicated to multi-media at LBYR. One thing that has changed editorially is that they now think about the digital piece before/while acquiring a book.

Lin asks all four editor to provide advice to all of us.

Jennifer recommends you think about your own excellence and write towards that.

An excellent note to end on.

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