Monday, August 2, 2010

Spot yourself! The Autograph Party at Last

Oops! Her nametag is not as legible as we hoped.
But she did say the conference was like Christmas Eve,
two weeks in a row. Indeed!

The lines for M.T. Anderson and Gennifer Choldenko were epic.
Like a Christopher Paolini novel, but without the dragons.
Coleen Paratore chats with a fan.
Gennifer Choldenko and M.T. Anderson get hand cramps.

Volunteers sort boxes of books.

HOPE FOR HAITI author/illustrator Jesse Watson strikes a pose.

PARANORMALCY author Kiersten White makes nice with the camera.

Illustrators Priscilla Burris and Richard Jesse Watson chat with their fans.

Molly Hall and Dawn Simon (just pull on them and their Velcro attachment comes right apart!)

Golden Kite winner Julia Durango autographs her award-winning book.
Marion Dane Bauer signs the book that won her the Golden Kite Award.
Molly Blaisdell (right) and friend wait in the Loren Long line. Which was long.
Tracy Barrett hangs out with SCBWI member of the year Christopher Cheng.
And here's another look at the autograph lines.
Sally Crock and Jolie Stekly chat.
Arthur Levine and Mike Jung are keepin' it real.
Jolie Stekly and Arthur Levine get in one last hug.

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