Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spot Yourself! Conference photos

First, TEAM BLOG is thrilled with this year's gift from Lin and Steve. We each received one of these puppies in return for blogging. Thanks, guys!

Gillian Foster of Venice brought Team Blog COOKIES! I hope she wins the Newbery.

My only photo of the Heart & Soul party. That's Illinois's finest Jessica Denhart, Deborah Topolski, and Lisa Bierman.

Now, a shot of the Manuscript Consultation Line. There's something like, 500 consultations that happen at every summer conference. This is just a drop in the bucket. And look! No one is crying or hyperventilating. Consultations are a full half hour and worth every penny. 

Left to right is Marc Akins from CA, Lisa Bierman from IL, Cherie Colyer from IL, Katie Sparks from IL (those Illinoisians!), Dale Purvis from GA, Nancy O'Connor from CA, Anitha Weiss from AZ, Fiona Ivey from CA, Keisha Reynolds from MD, Diana Paz from CA, and Karri Thompson.

And behind them are photos of "stars." I'll show you some real stars in another post, but this is the best the Hyatt could do.

Clockwise from top left, Robert Urich, Frankie Avalon, Jack Nicholson, Laverne De Fazio, Martin Sheen, Tommy Hilfiger, Meryl Streep, Lord Voldemort, and Matthew McConaughey. Somebody kissed the glass over Matthew's face. That must have happened before our conference—I know our attendees have better taste.

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