Friday, August 3, 2018

The Diversity Social

The Diversity Social has been my dream/battleground for a long time: with so many other gatherings at SCBWI, why not one where people from marginalized groups can come together in a space can come together?

It was thrilling to me to finally see it on the schedule.  POC, Native, disabled, neurodiverse and intersectionally marginalized people came together for an enthusiastic, supportive meet-up, where we shared successes and challenges.  More than 60 attendees, stopped by, although with so many socials at once, there was a lot of movement between rooms.

Agent Alexandra Penfold was our special guest; she came to convey her enthusiasm for diverse stories AND she brought delicious cookies!

Many thanks to Bao Phi for our photo.

We're already talking about what we might like to do next year.  Keep the ideas coming!

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