Saturday, August 4, 2018

Debbie Ridpath Ohi: A Social Media Master Class for Authors & Illustrators

Debbie Ohi shares some of her best tips on social media for both authors and illustrators. Here are a few of my favorites (Debbie would type 'favourites' as she is delightfully Canadian):

For best results, you do want to learn some basic photography skills whether you are an illustrator or an author. Take photos of all of your events, yes. But for authors, you can also get the people who work on your book involved in your social media, too, and drum up visual content from those sources. Authors can take photos of their work environment and tools for writing. Authors, your illustrators would love to be showcased and credited in your social media posts! When appropriate, tag your publisher, editor, art director or agent, too.

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Debbie doesn't believe social media results in direct sales, it's about getting people talking. Change your focus from sales to connection, let us hammer you over the head with this:

Social media is for CONNECTIONS not SALES.

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Figure out which social media platforms you enjoy being on the most, and which audiences those appeal to (educators and librarians often are on Twitter, art directors love Instagram). From their figure out how to connect with those audiences and get to know them better, and how you can serve them and their needs.

Debbie stresses your work comes first! There is no one right way to do social media, and it is not the most important thing in your career. Try to make both outcome and time goals for your social media so you have a manageable schedule and provide quality content or interactions that make it worth taking your time away from your writing or art.

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  1. Debbie is SUCH a git to this community! Absolutely love her.